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Cat Shape Mini Printer

Cat Shape Mini Printer

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Introducing the Cat Shape Mini Printer – the perfect tool for anyone looking to take their productivity to the next level. This pocket-sized thermal inkless black and white printer makes it easier than ever to print important documents, labels, and even photos on the go! Powered by a 1200 mA 3.7V power battery with 2A charging capabilities, it supports connection via Bluetooth wireless inkless black and white printing, making it simple to access without any additional wires or cords. Supporting languages such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, French




Specifications: Software

Name: Fun Print

Print Parameters: 200DPI

Printing Mode: Thermal inkless black and white printing

Battery Capacity: 1200mA 3.7V power battery 2A charging

Printing Paper: 57X25mm, original printing paper shall be purchased for easy replacement

Connection Mode: Bluetooth wireless inkless black and white printing

Standard Configuration: Printer Charging Line Manual

Certificate 1 Roll of Printing Paper

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