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1Pcs 6-Sided Skull Dice

1Pcs 6-Sided Skull Dice

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Make game nights even more exciting with the 1Pcs 6-Sided Skull Dice. This unique dice adds an extra layer of interest to board or role-playing games, making them perfect for Halloween celebrations. Expertly crafted, this six-sided skull dice is a great conversation piece for any game night. Not only will it add flavor to your favorite board and RPG games, but it also makes for an excellent gift for the avid gamer. Its unique design makes it a standout amidst any gaming accessory collection and will give you an edge at the table. With its intricate detail sure to draw attention from fellow gamers, this skull dice promises to liven up anyone’s gaming experience – no matter if you’re playing simple word games or intense RPGs. Get yours today and show off your professional gaming skills!




Product Description:

Product Category: Bones

Style: Right Angle

Bone size: 2 mm

Material: Resin

Color: Black


Package Included: 1 handcrafted black dice

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